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Soybean milk maker, juicer and blender?


Full of beautiful things in eyes of small home appliance products on the market at present, like a function similar to soybean milk maker, juicer and blender is to let a person dazzling. Many people get confused, what is the difference between these products? Which is worth to buy? Juicer can do soya-bean milk? What's the difference between a blender and a juicer? Today we have to explain the difference between the three products for you.

In general, these three products are can not substitute each other.

Soybean milk maker everyone is familiar with, as long as soybeans in the soybean milk maker, press the switch for about 15 minutes can have fresh soybean milk. Soybean milk maker not only can play soya-bean milk, at present a lot of products can also grind the grain and rice paste. Actually principle is the same, just program on time changed a little bit about the. Much of the so-called "function", appliances are basically.

Wet dry beans beans can play soya-bean milk, differ in that the former scum less and less nutrients, but the low efficiency of soybean milk, there may be dried beans in unfavorable clean dirt. The latter, on the other hand. As for how to choose, or personal needs. Basically most people recommend with wet beans, benefits more.

In addition, wet beans soaking time best at night, if spent two nights again dozen soya-bean milk, will be very clear. Maybe it's the bubble for too long, soybean fiber is more flexible, so it is not easy to break. With the development of soybean milk maker technology arises at the historic moment of no net type soybean milk maker, is the most convenient in cleaning.

Working principle of the three types of products are different

Juicer is refers to the fruit juice and the physical separation, using pressure principle is squeezed fruit juices, but the damage of fruit fiber, you drink juice, and most fibers in the pulp, pulp already can't eat.

Most of the juicer for juice slag separation effect is not very good, very dry pulp are not bath, caused great waste. When they meet a watermelon juice juice leakage like now, because the watermelon water more, most of the machine design is not reasonable, lead to juice from a crack in the machine. We use in our daily life is arguably the juicer effect is not very good, but refrigeration drink some beverage manufacturers and merchants will use this product.

Mixer, it is a kind of with the blade shaft rotating in the cylinder or tank, will a variety of raw materials mixing, make it become a kind of mixture or machine suitable for consistency. Mixer is mixing machine, because the ordinary action of the mixer is mixed mixing all kinds of dry powder mortar, commonly known as a blender.

The mixer on market is divided into two kinds, a kind of is the glass type, can play juice, benefit is pulp and juice together, won't destroy the fiber composition of the fruit, also can make milkshakes, etc., can be put in milk, then put some bananas and ice, and so on, the effect is very good.

The second for the plastic cup (plastic cup material from bad to good is divided into: ABS, PC, aviation plastic three). It has the advantage of the glass more than the first one to a network, can be born soya-bean milk, but to heating can drink. Can also do it like a juicer meat juice separation, although the effect might be a little bit less. Material shortage is shaved ice, if you want to do with good plastic cups, otherwise it will broke the cup. Play fruit time to add some water, otherwise the fruits are stick on the glass, can't hit of the cutting tools.

And you know what to buy?

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