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"Coffee" heat warming, household coffee machine market


With the improvement of people's living quality, drink coffee gradually became a kind of fashion, the symbol of modern life. Whether it is in the home, office or on social occasions, people like to taste the coffee, as part of the western lifestyle, coffee has officially entered the Chinese family and life.

According to authoritative department statistics, at present the Chinese market keep coffee sales between 3-40000 tons, and growing. Of total consumption of the instant coffee still dominate the market for the most part, the reasons for no more than a few, one is the instant coffee freshly brewed coffee is much lower than those cafes, office, home brew, 2 it is can be convenient. But with the improvement of quality and taste of coffee, instant coffee already can't satisfy people's needs. So the domestic coffee machine arises at the historic moment.

As in small home appliance industry has a good performance in recent years, the little bear electric equipment, continuously for the health of consumers with refinement, innovation, small appliances, efforts to create high quality life for consumers, the coffee machine is also one of the composition of bear rich electrical appliances product line. Bear in the production of the coffee machine, with its extremely high performance-to-price ratio was welcomed by the consumers, sales all the way up, it is understood that bear the coffee machine quarterly Numbers increased by 21.41% month-on-month, increase obviously.

For different degree of automation, the coffee machine can be divided into semi-automatic coffee machine and fully automatic coffee machine. Automatic coffee machine are expensive, for home and office, choose semi-automatic coffee machine is enough, also can enjoy the pleasure of diy. Bear electric appliance is aimed at the market, increasing r&d manufacturing semi-automatic coffee machine suitable for China's domestic market.


Drip coffee machine is semi-automatic coffee machine inside of a kind of low prices, and is the most frequently used most homes and offices, mainly used to make American coffee. Bear KFJ - 403 drip coffee machine with its delicate appearance of the atmosphere and less than one hundred yuan of cost-effective, produce a large number of consumers, the coffee machine set of check valve leakage also solves the trouble of a drip coffee machine is easy to leak.

A copy of the 7918202 _

Compared to drip coffee machine, espresso machine structure is relatively complex, make sweet coffee also more professional, for consumers not to spoil bitter American coffee, espresso machine more appropriate. Bear electric KFJ - 202 aa espresso machine, professional system to extract the aromatic coffee, cappuccino system can also make garland, also can make the smell of coffee at home.

As the "heat" of coffee in China continues to rise, domestic coffee machine market is becoming more and more big, the domestic brand and foreign brand all want a share, bear electric as a rising star, such doing is very worth the attention of consumers and the industry. This year's "11" double battle, bear electric several official flagship store is actively preparing for, many products are sell like hot cakes have a big discount, believe that this year's "11", bear appliances can hand over a satisfied answer yourself.

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